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Strawberry Factory


Works with this kind of binding are called “Kakejiku”(hanging scrolls) in Japan.

Kakejiku is a long vertical hanging scroll with a painting or calligraphy on it. It is usually displayed on the wall of the alcove in a Japanese house.

Kakejiku have a long history, but as Japanese architecture has become more modern, Kakejiku are becoming less familiar to young people.

Therefore, I create Kakejiku as art that express my acquaintances and shops. I hope that even young people will become interested in it.

​It expresses a shop called "Strawberry Factory" run by a friend who is a strawberry farmer.
The signboard menu is crepe and shaved ice. The color scheme is based on the image of crepe dough, fresh cream, and strawberries. What I am writing with a brush is a poem about shaved ice.

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