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Produced in 2022

People are like the moon that shines on that mountain that waxes and wanes.

The world is like a wave that disappears immediately after a ship has passed.

Let's drink delicious sake instead of thinking about such things.

​ This work is an attempt to incorporate the composition of Japanese painting into calligraphy. The motif is the composition of "Hinoki-zu Byobu" by Kiichi Suzuki, a Japanese painter.

"Kana" is a character that can not be read at all for those who have not learned kana calligraphy, so there are many people who say that they do not know how to appreciate the work. From an artist's point of view, I want people to appreciate it like a painting, even if they can't read it, but that may be difficult as well.

In that case, I made it with the intention that it would be easier to appreciate visually if I wrote it in the same composition as the picture.

As for the content, I have selected three poems from Manyoshu. The 1st and 2nd poems sing about the impermanence of people and life, and the content is sorrowful that "there is no such thing as eternity in this world." However, in the third poem, the punch line is, "If you're worried about such things, you should drink alcohol."

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