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​Ode to Joy

Produced in 2023

Along with the fast flow of clouds after the rain, the Japanese Red-crowned Sparrow flies over our house, singing in the direction of Mt. Kasuga.

No matter how much I listen to the crickets chirping in the shade grass growing in the garden in the evening light, I never get tired of hearing them.

If this world is so fun, I don't care if I become an insect or a bird in the next life.


I started making this work out of an interest in whether beautiful music is also visually beautiful, or in other words, whether beauty can be felt in the form of a musical score that visually expresses music. So, I decided to make Beethoven's Ode to Joy into a calligraphy work.

The musical score starts from the left, but considering that Japanese characters start from the right, I reversed the musical score and composed the piece in a shape that closely resembles the ups and downs of the musical score.

The content I am writing is based on the Japanese lyrics of Ode to Joy, and the world view has been remade from Manyoshu (an old Japanese poetry collection).




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