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​Hirano Osteopathic clinic


Children. Like a growing young bamboo,
Let's grow in mind and body.

Bokusui Wakayama's poem

I think the poem of young bamboo and the green, blue, and white are reminiscent of summer, but this work expresses ``Hirano Osteopathic Clinic.''


Daisuke Hirano of Hirano Osteopathic Clinic was born in France because his father was a judo instructor there, and he has also practiced judo himself. He is 187.7cm tall. His special skills are Osoto-gari and Haraigoshi.

His height and very sincere personality overlap in meaning with Bokusui Wakayama's poetry.
The colors and arrangement of the blue and white paper are inspired by the moment when an athlete wearing a white judo gi throws an athlete wearing a blue judo gi. Also, like the French flag, I made it blue, white, and red (the colors of the stamp) from the left.
The black used in some places represents the black belt, and the green represents the color of the treatment table used at Hirano Osteopathic Clinic.

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